Stafford Country Plan Review

The Situation

Stafford County, one of Virginia’s fastest-growing counties, has instituted a flood of development projects – each with a stormwater management plan and erosion and sediment control plan. Lacking the staff to provide detailed review, the county asked GKY to review the plans for federal, state, and local compliance.

The Solution

GKY performed all stormwater management and E&S Control review for the following plans – often evaluating more than 30 per month:

  • Stormwater management concept plans
  • Site Plans Major
  • Residential construction plans
  • Erosion and sediment control plans (except lot grading plans)
  • Early grading plans

Plans were reviewed for compliance with technical requirements of:

  • Stormwater drainage networks
  • Stormwater management facilities (ponds)
  • Low-impact development design

GKY provided extensive resources and services:

  • Full-time plan review staff
  • Dedicated office space near the client, including a conference room
  • Visits to proposed project sites to assist in evaluating stormwater management concepts

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