Water Demand Projection and Conservative Analysis—Cumberland County, TN

Water Supply Planning for Cumberland County, TN

The Situation

Recognizing that rapid population growth in Cumberland County may lead to a shortfall of potable water, the Nashville District of the US Army Corps of Engineers selected GKY to estimate future water needs and evaluate strategies for ensuring an adequate supply.

The Solution

In the absence of zoning or other land use plans, GKY met with officials from the county and other municipalities to assess county-wide GIS parcel data and historical water sales information. We used this data to develop population, commercial and industrial projections for a 50-year timeframe.

We then used IWR-MAIN software, an industry standard, to project water demand and quantify the potential benefits of alternative water conservation programs. In a follow-up phase, GKY evaluated the environmental, legal, economic, and yield implications of existing and potential water sources and recommended a robust, long-term plan for meeting the county’s growing water demand.