Burke Centre Conservancy Dredging Plan

The Situation

The Burke Centre Conservancy (BCC) is located in Burke, Virginia, a suburb of Washington D.C., and is a residential community that was established in the 1960’s.  As the community developed, erosion in stream channels within BCC increased, resulting in sediment deposition into BCC’s six lakes.  Along with stormwater management functionality, these lakes are valuable recreational amenities for the community, providing fishing and boating opportunities.  To resolve the sedimentation problem, BCC asked GKY to prepare dredging plans to remove the accumulated sediment from the lakes, restoring the lakes to as-built conditions.

The Solution

GKY performed a pre-dredge bathymetric survey using a Trimble GPS, an Odom Echosounder and the Hypack software to record lake bed depths.  GKY processed this data to determine the existing lake bed contours (bathymetry) and compared this to the as-built lake bed contours to determine the dredge contours and dredge quantities.  GKY acquired all required permits from the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, and Fairfax County and dredging has been completed.

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