Stream Assessment in Loudoun County, VA

The Situation

To satisfy environmental permitting requirements, a private client asked GKY to perform a stream assessment on a 600-acre parcel being considered for development in Loudoun County, Virginia. Our task was to evaluate potential impacts to on-site streams and identify opportunities to mitigate those impacts.

The Solution

GKY developed an overall characterization of the streams’ health, using the assessment protocols found in the Corps of Engineers Stream Attribute Assessment Methodology (SAAM) and the Virginia DEQ Stream Impact and Compensation Assessment Manual (SICAM).

These assessments gave the client’s consultant team the data needed to gauge the quality of the on-site streams and evaluate the potential for on-site stream mitigation and restoration. They were therefore able to quickly satisfy the conditions for obtaining an environmental permit for the proposed development.

GKY also developed a conceptual stream relocation design for approximately 2000 linear feet of stream running through the eastern portion of the site. The design allows the client to achieve a double goal: provide water quality benefits to the property, and earn stream mitigation credit for minimizing impacts to the site.

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