Wetland Delineation Services for George Mason University at Prince William Campus

The Situation

To execute the expansion plans for the Prince William Campus of George Mason University, a power line easement on the property needed to be relocated. To obtain permits for the project, regulatory agencies required several environmental studies to evaluate potential impacts to wetlands and streams on the site. The university’s civil design engineer selected GKY to conduct these studies.

The Solution

GKY performed fieldwork to delineate the limits of wetlands and other U.S. waters within the power line corridor .

In addition to the fieldwork, GKY prepared a map of the delineation and a package for submittal to the Corps of Engineers that described the overall site and any jurisdictional areas on the property, including wetlands, stream channels and open water.

We also searched the Commonwealth of Virginia’s databases to determine if there were any documented state or federal Threatened or Endangered Species, or any known Historic or Archeological features on the project site. Our research uncovered one federally-listed threatened plant species, the small whorled pogonia (Isotria medeoloides).

After conducting a habitat survey within the property boundaries, we were able to document that the species was not found on the property. Our client was therefore able to present a report which satisfied the regulatory requirements and allowed George Mason University to proceed with their expansion.

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