Great Lakes Water Quality Workshop

The Situation

The Great Lakes Regional Collaboration, initiated by executive order in May 2004, creates a landmark partnership of key members from government agencies, tribes and other groups to develop a plan to restore and protect the Great Lakes ecosystem. The U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration decided to convene a gathering of Great Lakes state transportation departments to collaborate on strategies for managing regional stormwater runoff.

The Solution

FHWA selected GKY to coordinate and facilitate a one-day stormwater workshop, held in Cleveland. This meeting brought together representatives from eight Great Lakes departments of transportation, the FHWA division offices in those states, and the EPA Region 5 office.

Attendees included transportation professionals who wanted to share successes, exchange information, and build a regional network to help identify better ways to fill transportation needs and provide stormwater treatment in the Great Lakes area.

GKY headed up coordination and logistics. We negotiated with the hotel, handled cost-reimbursable travel for all participants, developed a detailed agenda, provided materials, facilitated the workshop, and supplied meeting minutes.

The session was acknowledged as a great success, initiating discussions leading to stronger collaboration between the various stakeholders.

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