GKY will be providing dredging support services at Lake Holiday, a 250-acre artificial lake located northwest of Winchester, Virginia. The lake was formed by the construction of the Lake Holiday Dam and is fed by Isaacs Creek and Yeiders Run/Millers Run. It has a mean depth of 35 feet, maximum depth of 90 feet, and a contributing watershed area of approximately 8,424 acres.

The lake is managed by the Lake Holiday Country Club (LHCC), which identified a need for the removal and long-term storage/dewatering of approximately 21,000 cubic yards of sediment. The sediment is located in two coves, the Isaacs Creek and Yeiders Run inlets.

LHCC selected GKY to provide bathymetric survey, design, permitting, and construction management services associated with the dredging project. These include:

  • Development of design plans and specifications for dredging, creating in-lake catch basins, and an on-site disposal location.
  • Creating a fast-track dredging plan that defines the method of sediment removal
  • Environmental permitting
  • Construction administration services

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