The City of Charlottesville has awarded GKY a contract for engineering services associated with the development of a 2D stormwater management model of the portion of the Moore’s Creek Watershed located within its city limits. Its roughly 3.8 square miles comprise 37% of the City’s land area and are highly urbanized, encompassing more than 65% of the City’s high social vulnerability geography. The new model will be an update to the existing one, which was developed in 2008. Today’s technology will allow the new model to incorporate much more detail than the current one. Additionally, the new model will contain updates to reflect the current as-built condition of the area and its stormwater infrastructure.

2D models mimic rainstorm and flood conditions and show water movement across the land surface, and its flow into and within the storm drains, pipes, and waterways that comprise the local drainage system. These models can simulate the flood impacts of typical and extreme rainstorms, and can be used for long-term resilience and climate change planning under potential future climate conditions. These modeling tools, such as PCSWMM, can combine such GIS data as building footprints and roadway overlays, LIDAR elevation data, and layouts of local storm sewer systems. The result is a highly accurate and accessible tool that allows officials to pinpoint areas with increased probability of localized flooding, prioritize them for corrective action, and assess the effectiveness of the solutions prior to constructing them. Additionally, PCSWMM provides animation of simulation results, which greatly improves communication of potential future flood mitigation projects with City leadership (including elected officials) and the public.

The 3-year contract is funded in part by a grant from the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation Community Flood Preparedness Fund, with matching funds from the City. Draper Aden Associates will serve as a subcontractor to GKY on the contract, providing surveying and data collection services.

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